Friday, March 20, 2009

Who I am

My name is Lydia. I am 16 years old and I live in Cyprus, but I am from Greece. I go to Archiepiskopos Makarios the third Lyceum. My favourite subjects are Maths, Biology, Physics and Chemistry. In the afternoons I do volleyball, piano, history of music, English and Spanish lessons. I want to study at the medicine school when I finish lyceum.
In my free time I read books (right now I am glued to Twilight and my favourite book is Illuminati), I surf on the net, I go out with my friends, I watch TV, I go to the cinema, I see my favourites series (House, Grey’s Anatomy and Boston Legal) and I practice on the piano. My favorite music is Greek rock, entehno and Cumbia. But actually I listen to everything, if I like the music and the lyrics. My favourite singers are Laurentis Maheritsas, Alkinoos Ioannidis and Shakira.

The Comenius club

All together at Alexandro’s surprise party, at “Fridays”

At the Mall of Cyprus

Every day life

My room

My usually breakfast.............................................My computer

My office

At school

Me and two of my friends

The whole school gathering at
multiple using room

A speech about recycling

The view from my class........................ My class at technology room


Every Monday after school, I go home and my family and I have lunch. I leave home at 2:30 and my mother takes me to my piano class, which starts at 3 o’clock and finishes at 4. At 5 o’clock I am back home to do my homework, surf on the net and watch TV.

Arte, my music school

The room where my piano class takes place


After school and after having lunch with my family, I do my homework and from 15:00 to 15:00 I have a Spanish class. At 18:30 I go to my English class, which finishes at 20:15

My afternoon English class


After school and lunch, I leave home at 14:30 to go to my history of music class. Then I go straight to my volleyball practice, which starts at 16:30 and finishes at 18:00. I return back home at 18:30 and I do my homework.

The history of music room

At volleyball practice


It’s an exhausting day for me. After school, I do my homework and I leave at 5 o’clock to go to my volleyball practice. I finish at 18:30 and I go right away to my English class, which starts at 18:45 and finishes at 21:15. Every Thursday, we do English literature as well.

My mother drives me to my English class.
(God, I wish I was in my bed)
My parents drives me everywhere because
in Cyprus there is no public transportation.

My literature class


Every Friday I have volleyball practice from 18:45 to 20:00. After that I usually go out with my friends to Kyrinias street, or to The Mall to watch a movie.

Lenka, Eleni, Loukia, Irini

Loukia, Eleni, Irini


On Saturdays I have volleyball practice between 11:30-13:00, but this Saturday I missed the class, because I went with my family and some friends to Troodos, the highest mountain in Cyprus.


On Sundays I usually lie down. I do nothing. I sit on my couch and watch TV. But sometimes I might have a test on Monday, so I have to study.

My sister and I watching TV

Me and my aunt sitting on my favorite couch